Plano TX Interurban Railway Museum

The Interurban Railway Museum Plano Texas is a unique and interesting destination because it houses a variety of artifacts from the early development of public transport. The museum is located in Plano, Texas, about 30 minutes north of downtown Dallas. There are several exhibits on display that tell the story of mass transit as people moved from point A to point B before the invention of the internal combustion engine. It is one of those places you wish you had as a kid.

The Interurban Railway Museum Plano Texas collections include vintage trolley cars, buses, and other vehicles that have been restored to working order or preserved in their original form. There are also dozens of artifacts that relate to mass transit from bygone eras. The museum is located in a historic 1913 Santa Fe train depot that was once part of the Interurban railway system. There are also collections at Union Station in downtown Dallas.

The Interurban Railway Museum Plano Texas contains some great exhibits for younger visitors to enjoy including a model railroad layout, interactive activities, and various hands-on items that will keep kids entertained. There is also a small gift shop on the premises as well as some parts of the old train station that can be rented out for gatherings and other special events. If you are interested in railway history, this place is a must-see.

The Interurban Railway Museum Plano Texas houses many treasures including vintage streetcars, buses, and other historic public transit vehicles. There are also hands-on exhibits and educational activities that will be interesting for kids of all ages. The museum is located in downtown Plano, Texas, just a few minutes’ drive from Dallas. e facility is well-maintained, clean, and very reasonably priced.