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Activist criticizes use of horse trailer to remove Whiteclay protestors

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012


A protest in the Nebraska border town of Whiteclay ended Sunday after officers used a horse trailer to move five protesters to a nearby town.

Olowan Martinez, a Lakota woman and protest organizer, said Monday the five had locked arms and stretched themselves across Nebraska 87 on the north end of Whiteclay.

Sheridan County sheriff’s deputies, Oglala Sioux tribal officers and Nebraska State Patrol troopers in Whiteclay removed the group and put them in the horse trailer.

She said she had never seen law enforcement react that way in Whiteclay.

“It’s insane,” Martinez said. “There’s no seat belt (in a horse trailer). They broke their own laws.” (more…)

UPDATE: Still no official charges against Whiteclay protestors

Monday, August 27th, 2012

KOTA-TV News / August 27, 2012

UPDATE (August 27, 7:30 p.m.):

It’s still unclear what the five demonstrators arrested Sunday in Whiteclay were cited for.

Sheridan County, Neb., attorney Jamie Simmons tells KOTA Territory News she can only speculate as to the possibilities until she gets all the paperwork from the Nebraska State Patrol and files official charges.

She said two likely citations would be blocking the roadway and disobeying a lawful order. (more…)

5 arrested in Whiteclay protest

Monday, August 27th, 2012


PINE RIDGE, S.D. (AP) — Five people protesting beer sales in the northern Nebraska town of Whiteclay were arrested when they locked arms and blocked a road.

The arrests came Sunday night, about seven hours after the protesters sat down on Nebraska Highway 87. Officers also cited a boy who had a knife with a weapons violation and released him to his mother. (more…)

Protesters get arrested for standing up to predatory liquor stores in White Clay, Nebraska

Monday, August 27th, 2012


On August 26, women of the Oglala Lakota Nation stood alongside allies to send a message to the predatory liquor vendors in White Clay, Nebraska.

It wasn’t long before the police came to rescue the blight of a town. White Clay only has a population of 14, yet it has 4 liquor stores and sells approx. 12,500 cans of beer each day. They sell those cans to anyone, be they bootleggers, intoxicated people or minors. They also trade beer for sexual favors. They need to be shut down. (more…)

Protestors arrested, bystanders pepper-sprayed in Whiteclay dispute

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

By Chris Davis / KOTA-TV News / August 26, 2012

An estimated 150 to 200 people came together in Pine Ridge early Sunday afternoon and walked the two miles to Whiteclay, Neb.

The march was part of a protest against alcohol distributors in the small town selling to Oglala Sioux Tribal members from the otherwise dry Pine Ridge Reservation.

But the real demonstration started when they got to Whiteclay.

[Watch VIDEO]


Olowan Sara Martinez and Deep Green Resistance

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

By  / August 26, 2012

YouTube VIDEO of Women’s Day of Peace organizer Olowan Martinez.

On August 26, 2012 members of Deep Green Resistance, working in solidarity with Lakota woman warrior Olowan Martinez, blockaded the highway running through Whiteclay.

Women’s March and Day of Peace Turns Violent– Protesters Arrested

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

By Jessica Garraway / Deep Green Resistance Great Plains / August 26, 2012

Women of the Oglala Lakota nation along with activists from Deep Green Resistance, AIM Grassroots, Un-Occupy Albuquerque, Occupy Lincoln, and Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center took part in a march from Billy Mills Hall in Pine Ridge into White Clay to protest against the predatory liquor industry present there.

Image by Jessica Garraway / Deep Green Resistance


More than 100 march, protest Whiteclay liquor sales

Sunday, August 26th, 2012


WHITECLAY, Neb. | The Nebraska border town of Whiteclay filled Sunday afternoon as protesters from as far as the West Coast spoke and demonstrated in an attempt to end alcohol sales in the town.

More than 100 men, women and children marched two miles south from Pine Ridge’s Oglala Sioux tribal headquarters, to Whiteclay, which borders the Pine Ridge reservation. The town has been in national news since February, when the Oglala Sioux Tribe filed a lawsuit against the owners of four liquor stores there. (more…)

Whiteclay activists protest liquor sales

Friday, August 24th, 2012


LINCOLN — Women on the Oglala Sioux Reservation are now getting involved in the effort to shut down the four liquor stores in Whiteclay, Neb.

The liquor stores have been the subject of protests for more than a decade because they sell more than 4 million cans of beer a year, mostly to residents of the adjacent, and officially dry, reservation.

On Sunday, a group of women will lead a protest march to the unincorporated village on the Nebraska-South Dakota border. (more…)

Activists rally against beer sales in White Clay

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

By KAYLA BREMER / KLKN-TV Eyewitness News / August 23, 2012

Activists rallied at the state capitol on Thursday in opposition of beer sales in White Clay.

The small town in Nebraska borders a South Dakota Indian reservation where alcohol is banned. Activists have been fighting to close the four stores supplying the beer for decades. (more…)