No 21st Amendment in Whiteclay

Published Tuesday August 28, 20o7
by: Eric

Beer is not the root problem on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Nevertheless, Nebraskans for Peace is trying to pressure beer distributors from doing business in nearby Whiteclay, Nebraska. Pine Ridge has a lot of issues with alcoholism, but it’s a symptom of a much larger problem, and making the length of their beer run longer won’t solve it. Certainly there must be a way to help these people out of poverty without infringing the rights of others.

ptg at the Plains Feeder has been covering this story pretty thoroughly, and he detects racism, partisanship, and communism (as usual). I really just think NFP’s heart is in the right place, but they’re shooting at the wrong target.

Do progressives really just sit around congratulating themselves for pulling babies out of the river, or do they go upstream to see why all these babies end up in the river in the first place?

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A Terrible Issue, A Tragic Situation
by: Kyle Michaelis @ Wed Aug 29, 2007 at 12:14:50 PM CDT

Ultimately, I agree with Eric that NFPs Whiteclay campaign has been misguided, no matter how well intentioned. If the bars/convenience stores in Whiteclay are encouraging such lawlessness and destruction across the border on the Pine Ridge reservation, that should be a relevant consideration in their licensing – should perhaps even be grounds for revocation of their alcohol permits.

But, the truth is that we either respect the Constitution or we don’t. Nebraska is the state that declared “Standing Bear is a Man.” It is quite a terrible and unprincipled step backwards for our progressive community to adopt positions and call for actions that would reduce Standing Bear to a disease.

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