White Nebraska racists: No beer for red Indians

Published Monday August 27, 2007

No firewater for you, Chief.

White racists in Nebraska are stirring up trouble for the Indians this week.

Using the innocent-sounding name Nebraskans for Peace, and couching their racist notions as the White Man’s Burden, they are trying to shut down beer distributors who sell beer legally to the Redskins.

These commie killjoys are having some kind of demonstration at a beer distributorship in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. I heard about this from Scott Voorhees on KFAB radio this morning. The man from Nebraskans for Peace that appeared on the show sounded like he needed one of these Ward Churchill Real Indian Kits.

Update: Here’s the skinny on the big demo in Scottsbluff:

High Plains Budweiser distributorship in Scottsbluff Thursday, August 30. Concerned Nebraskans will meet outside the distributorship at 2810 Avenue M at 10:30 a.m. to speak to the ownership and prevail upon them to stop selling Anheuser-Busch products in Whiteclay. In the presence of the media, LaMere will detail the social, cultural and economic devastation alcohol is wreaking on the Pine Ridge Reservation — the target market for Whiteclay’s alcohol sales.

This information came from the website of the anti-American agitators calling themselves Nebraskans for Peace. You should peruse their pages if you want to know more about how disrupting the peace promotes peace. Try to guess where these useful idiots get the money to pay for all this propaganda.

More: From kduhtv.com in or near Scottsbluff:

The alcoholism rate on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is “conservatively estimated at 80%.” This in spite of the fact that the reservation itself is officially “dry”.

Do you suppose the cats at High Plains Budweiser are forcing these rez indians to drink beer? Perhaps, as Scott Voorhees suggested this morning, some of them just like to get drunk. Same as white folks.

The old feeder suspects it is the never ending patronization of the Red Indians by arguably well-intentioned officious inter-meddlers, both public and private, that drives them to drink. What is worse is the current trend for commie front groups, leftist fellow travelers, mob gambling interests and anti-American agitators to co-opt them. The NFP ought to be ashamed.

Still More:

Could this demonstration directed against the Scottsbluff Budweiser distributor have anything to do with the fact that the man behind the distributorship is an active Republican who has openly supported President Bush and the war in Iraq? From an August 21, 2005 Lincoln Journal Star article:

Jeff Scheinost is a Republican, a supporter of President Bush, a military veteran who served eight years in the Army after the Vietnam war.

Scheinost, the Budweiser distributor in Scottsbluff, said people in the area do not think the war was a mistake and they’re glad Saddam Hussein is gone.

Nothing but love from the Nebraskans for Peace. Do you really think they care about drunken indians on a reservation in another state?

The story is getting some press in South Dakota. After all, Pine Ridge is their problem.

Nota Bene: The big Nebraskans for Peace demonstration in Scottsbluff may very well be overshadowed in the media by another, similar group holding a march in Omaha this weekend, the National Socialists.

Post Demo Roundup:

The big demonstration failed to raise much of a stink. Rather like a fart in a hurricane. Read about it here and here. These wackos got more coverage from the Plains Feeder than from any of the regular news media.

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  1. Judy Chartrand Says:

    The white man can tolerate drinking day to day…24/7…I see that happen every single day with my white neighbors…if it was me…I would be dead in two days!!!! I don’t bother as I want to live and continue to be productive.


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