Pine Ridge tribe tentatively accepts federal money

Published May 31, 2005

WOUNDED KNEE, S.D.  The Pine Ridge Reservation is one step closer to ending alcohol problems from nearby Whiteclay.

The Ogala Sioux Tribal Council tentatively accepted an agreement to use $100,000 of federal funds to hire more officers to police 2 miles off the reservation, including nearby Whiteclay.

Some worry too much alcohol is being brought into the dry reservation – causing too many problems. “Causing a lot of problems within the families of all the people down in that country and it ain’t helping our people one bit,” said Ruth Brown, tribal member from Eagle Nest.

Attorney General Jon Bruning and Congressman Tom Osborne approached the tribal council with hopes that they’d accept the money. “I think its a first step. I don’t think its going to be a panacea that’s going to cure all the problems that are there, but I think its a good first step,” said Bruning.

The council approved the tentative agreement 13 votes to 2. The council said they have some kinks they’d like to work out before they sign it.


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