Activists rally against beer sales in White Clay

By KAYLA BREMER / KLKN-TV Eyewitness News / August 23, 2012

Activists rallied at the state capitol on Thursday in opposition of beer sales in White Clay.

The small town in Nebraska borders a South Dakota Indian reservation where alcohol is banned. Activists have been fighting to close the four stores supplying the beer for decades.

Theses stores in Nebraska sell nearly 4.5 million beers annually. Mostly to members of the Ogallala tribe who live on alcohol-free land. The tribe filled a federal lawsuit in February against the four stores saying they believe the high number in beer sales is leading to alcoholism and illegal activity.

“If this was happening in your neighborhood, you’d do something about it. Nine years later, nothing’s happened but people continue to die and suffer,” said Charlotte Knoflicek.

Members of the tribe claim these retailers knowingly break the law by selling to minors and intoxicated people. They report nearly one in four children is born with alcohol related disorders.

Activists complain the problem has continued for decades and nothing is being done about it. They hope the rally will bring awareness and they plan to hold another one in White Clay on Sunday.

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