Alcohol hazard growing

Published Friday, Dec. 24, 2010
By REX ALBERTS (Valentine, Neb.)
LINCOLN JOURNAL STAR (Letter to the Editor)

More and more alcohol will be consumed in Nebraska as approved by state government with later bar closing times and consumption allowed in state parks. This state government also faces a shortfall of nearly a billion dollars.

Some of the alcohol will be sold in the middle of the night, some making state parks unsafe for children and some through the ever-increasing number of regular alcohol outlets.

Of course, there will be more accidents, injuries and deaths along with property damage. On the other hand, Nebraska will collect thousands and thousands more in sales tax. This is why even with dead people in the streets, Whiteclay still will have alcohol outlets.

States obtain great income by legalizing what was once illegal — alcohol, gambling, etc. This income is in the millions. States become richer while the public, including children, live and die in a more hazardous environment. I hope people remember that when their 3-year-old is backed over in a state park.

To add to this hazard, law enforcement is short of funds and personnel to make everyone safer, but more enforcement personnel and facilities will be needed.

Rex Alberts, Valentine

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