Noble efforts begin at Whiteclay

Published Saturday May 1, 2010
THE PUBLIC PULSE (Letters to the Editor)

An April 27 news story on Whiteclay, Neb., commendably focused on the cleanup efforts taking place.

The Rev. Bruce Bon Fleur obtaining a federal grant and getting Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning to add to it is laudable. Harnessing the energy of local students is as praiseworthy as the event itself.

An April 7 Bellevue University panel discussion on the topic was fairly well attended, but why were there still some empty seats? As citizens, where is our social conscience? This is one of the greatest social justice issues in the state.

It’s good that state senators attended the event in Whiteclay, but this wasn’t their first such flight at the expense of taxpayers.

How about the law that liquor licenses are to be granted only when there’s a need? Where’s the need? Do liquor sales boost state revenue?

An Aristotle quote at the State Capitol states, “Political society exists for the sake of noble living.” Is Whiteclay an example of noble living in Nebraska? Or does this ideal apply to everyone except the Native Americans on our border?

Kay Strong-Nicolas, Bellevue

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One Response to “Noble efforts begin at Whiteclay”

  1. Carol Olden Says:

    This problem is serious and I believe must be approached from the other side of the problem which is to teach our people not to be self-destructive and drink alcoholic beverages. too many times we are taught as aboriginal people that we have to be like white people and their culture to survive, when in fact it is insidious brainwashing and the exact opposite of what we need as people to escape the clutches of addiction and self-destructive behavior. That way there will not be any need to fight with these people as our people will just not patronize their establishments or if they have to to buy groceries, will not buy alcoholic beverages.
    I have been to this area before due to having my car break down on the Pine Ridge reservation after visiting the Wounded Knee massacre site to pay my respects. I was fortunate that a woman from Wounded Knee took me in and took me to her friend;s garage and junkyard in Whiteclay, put me up at her house and sold her car to pay someone to take me back to Rapid to wait for my car to be repaired and money to come in to pay for it, as I met a man in Rapid City from the Rosebud Sioux Tribe and married him. Unfortunately, alcohol also played a part in the demise of our marriage, as he had friends who incited him to drink in violation of his tribal court order not to and beat up on me while pregnant, who also beat up on me and injured our child inutero, causing me to miscarry. His family lied about him because they wanted him not to be married and resented the fact he had remarried. His adopted daughter beat up on me and ripped my clothing mad at the fact that I had come back to testify on my own behalf as his victim of domestic violence. I thought that I would have a good influence on him as I do not drink alcoholic beverages after quitting in my 20′s on the reservation I come from , the Yakama Indian Reservation .However, I had to contend with the pull of all his friends who drinked, his family who resented another person taking him and his assets away from them, and his friends whose own struggles with their families and alcohol got them trouble with the law. I lost our child that I was carrying due to being beaten up, my marriage due his dysfunctional family members lying about him to have him incarcerated for crimes in South Dakota that he could not have possibly committed as was either in jail for assaulting me or in another state with me, so that they could claim I was a bad influence as his new wife instead of them who subverted his protective payee system to get him into treatment as an SSI recipient to treat his alcoholism as he had already lost his SD drivers license due to DUI and needed to go to treatment to get it back. I had to testify against his adopted daughter and her system of abuse of me as a stepparent who lied and made it appear that my husband instead of her cousin had molested her daughter when in fact he physically could not have done so at the State Attorney General’s office and three of the four charges against him were dropped. She as the victim of incest by a member of her family apparently tried to have sex with my exhusband while he was sent back to Rapid City after beating up on me while pregnant in order to put a false claim on my estate and that of my family members as Yakamas which resulted in the murder of my father , an enrolled member of the Yakama Nation , in 2006, the death of my and my husband;s child a boy who would have been 13 this year, and apparently her denial of the fact that she was not a good influence on my former husband by using her daughter, who she alledged to be the only person who tried to get my husband to stop drinking and then alledged he molested her, to try to get money by stealing our family’s property after homicides against members. claiming falsely that we were part of a group of people who were material witnesses in meth -related activity instead of themselves, her brother having gone to prison for being a courier for the Medellin cartel, as people who were allergy sufferers whose prescription medication is the essential ingredient for meth. My father was visciously attacked by a gang of people who used stolen law enforcement equipment from a county and went all the way over to Yakima and murdered my father at his opthamologist’s office, beating him to death before dragging him to a fake ambulance they used to investigate meth labs and clean them up, shouting that he had violateds his probation by leaving home, when in fact he wasn;t from that county and was not on probation. After murdering him, they stole his car, living room furniture, contents of his garage and put them up for sale to pay for the crime spree, and my exhusband and his adopted daughter participated in stealing their property. The next person they threatened to kill were all my elderly relatives who are enrolled Yakamas, claiming they had turned in drug dealers instead of my husband’s son who went to prison over drug use, to have organized crime attack the elders of our tribe instead of their own people for turning them in.
    With criminal activity like this vented against family members, no wonder alcoholism doesn’t stop ., as the Siouxes i dealt with are unwilling to let someone else in who has dealt with alcoholism let alone banned alcohol sales from our reservations to help. My ex-husband’s tried to portray me as aperson only after my exhusband’s land when in fact I did not want it and could not inherit it and passit on to my children with out it being taken out of trust status except for the child we would have had,a boy who would have been 13 years old this July if it weren’t for the fact that he was murdered in utero.
    So do not think the losses of the Siouxes are just theirs- we all lose whenever incest and infighting like this occur by sick people who aren’t counseled to live their parents alone and quit interfereing in their lives. The adopted daughter herself attacked me when I went back to Rapid to testify on my own behalf and dragged me to a car, mad that I had come back, as she and her aunt , my husband’s former wife, had tried to become his payee and spend his money on themselves and make him homeless again, and they were mad I was cutting into their money making scheme to take advantage of him as I was not a drunk and knew he was being manipulated to attack me with the DTS instead of stick with me and get into recovery and comply with what he had to do to get his SSI benefits under his own control again. Due to their lying about him, he spent 7 years in the South Dakota penitentiary system for crimes he could not have possibly committed , that the adopted daughter and former wife confessed they lied about him due to being jealous that he had married me and had to support his wife. So we suffered irreparable harm as a result- lost a son, a grandfather who was not a child molester but a tutor to grade school children in reading in his retirement through Washington Reading Corps, and I had to go through reconstructive surgery to repair the damage done to my uterus as a result. It will take more than legislation to stop the violence in Sioux country-it will take a change of attitude by the Siouxes as well, not only towards themselves, but towards other tribes who have managed to conquer the same thing and get their lives straightened out., that they marry into.Oh, by the way, I gave back all the land inheritance my exhusband had willed to me before we were divorced due to my property being stolen in my home state by agents of his adopted daughter and exwife jealous over the fact that I was put in his will to inherit his land, as I did not want it due to all the death threats by his adopted daughter and former wife and their group, that as long as we had a valid marriage and he had a valid will that the only way they could inherit the land is if we were both dead,and would have only had lifetime use of it anyway to pass on to his and my heirs as Siouxes , my side of which died. I am grateful for the staff of the White Buffalo CalfWoman Shelter and WAve and DOVES and the Children’s Inn and their support for counseling me and providing shelter when I was assaulted in Rapid City and on their reservations and in Nebraska and for followup advice when I went back home to tell me I was still in danger over the inheritance, as I never would have known that a private document was being used by his family who wanted land from him when they already had an inheritance from their own mother, his late sister-in-law, trying to kill me so that his former wife would try to get an inheritance from him that she had signed away when they were divorced due to not being married anymore. We go through the same issues on the Yakama Indian Reservation so I am not unfamiliar with them and the harm threatened to people like my mother who now has lifetime use of our late father’s estate. So please have some cognizance of what recovery is- it is not killing people who marry into your tribe or robbing and murdering members of your family over inheritances- it is getting your health and sobriety back and taking responsibility for all that you have done and supporting all the lives you have created in a peaceful manner. Riots and violence are not recovery, that is alcohol idiosyncratic intoxication syndrome of violence, and intoxication. Recovery is not attacking others like having the DTS and killing the very people you need to keep alive to save your own lives , like your wives and children and family members. Chief Sealth had a saying that I think we should always consider that life is like the web of a spider, that one cannot do anything to the web without it happening to oneself. So all the attacks your tribes make on us as tribes who do not sell alcoholic beverages or drugs are just attacking yourselves pointless, which is the same brainwashing the white man wants to keep us fighting each other instead of not.

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