‘Little ray of hope’ for Whiteclay

Published Tuesday April 27, 2010

LINCOLN — Officials hope a weekend cleanup in the notorious border town of Whiteclay, Neb., will lead to more cleanups and a renewed effort to increase law enforcement.

About 50 volunteers removed nearly four binfuls of trash during a rainy “Cleansing of the Land” event Saturday.

Last Thursday, the Omaha-based Food Bank for the Heartland handed out about 1,500 pounds of food to residents of Whiteclay and the adjacent Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, just across the state line in South Dakota.

“We saw a lot of optimism and hope,” said State Sen. Russ Karpisek of Wilber, Neb., one of four state lawmakers at the Thursday event. “I know it’s very small steps. But a little ray of hope helps out.”

Attorney General Jon Bruning, who organized a state flight for the food handout, said Monday he plans to explore revival of a plan to cross-deputize Pine Ridge police to enforce laws in Whiteclay.

“The state believes that any additional law enforcement presence in Whiteclay, state or tribal, can only help the situation,” Bruning said.

In 2005, then U.S. Rep. Tom Osborne obtained $200,000 in federal funds to cross-train Pine Ridge officers to write tickets across the state line. But the idea fell flat when officials said tribal officers could not meet qualifications to become Nebraska law enforcement officers.

Karpisek, who also visited Whiteclay with Bruning in 2009, said there seems to be a new willingness to pursue a cross-deputization agreement.

Law enforcement has been a continuing problem in Whiteclay, an unincorporated village of less than 20 people that sits 22 miles from the nearest law enforcement office, the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office in Rushville, Neb.

The town’s four beer stores sell more than 3 million cans of beer a year, mostly to residents of the adjacent reservation, where possession of alcoholic beverages is illegal. Some activists have pushed for years to close the beer stores.

Bruce Bon Fleur, a local minister who organized the cleanup, said the results were “amazing” despite the rainy weather. Among the volunteers were about 10 people who live on the streets of Whiteclay, Bon Fleur said.

He said he hopes to continue the momentum by opening a greenhouse in town next month and opening a day-labor business and a recycling operation in June.

“I think we’ve transitioned from a debate about how bad everything is in Whiteclay to a discussion of how it can be better,” Bon Fleur said.

His ABOUT Group obtained a $30,000 federal stimulus grant to help start the businesses, and the Attorney General’s Office granted $10,000 to finance the cleanup.

The cleanup work included an April 16 visit by students from Gordon-Rushville schools and the Red Cloud School in Pine Ridge, S.D. They planted trees and painted a building that is slated to become the recycling center, Bon Fleur said.

About 300 people attended the Thursday event, including State Sens. Brad Ashford of Omaha, Colby Coash of Lincoln and LeRoy Louden of Ellsworth.

Brian Barks, a spokesman for Food Bank for the Heartland, said Sheridan County is among the 77 Nebraska counties served by the agency, which was formerly called the Omaha Food Bank.

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2 Responses to “‘Little ray of hope’ for Whiteclay”

  1. Carol Olden Says:

    Oh , I also would like to add that my former adopted daughter-step daughter, to this day has continued to have me stalked even after the murder of my late father and my identity switched with that of someone who drank hairspray with him, which I would never do. Until I went to South Dakota, I had never heard of people drinking hairspray or Lysol Spray disenfectant for the ethanol content. When my former husband told me he drank Lysol, I thought he meant Lysol in the brown bottle disenfectant ,as that is what we used on our grandparents cattle ranch on the Yakama Indian Reservation. It was quite an education to learn that hairspray was a beverage made to drink by adding water to it in a gallon milkjug or that Lysol disenfectant in the can was something to cut with hot water and drink by poking a hole in the can with a nail. I met Lakotas in Sioux Falls who drank Listerine for its alcohol content and I assume ate hand sanitizer as well, problems we have not had on our reservation, to the point that cleaning products had to be banned as well from sale in reservation stores. We just oppose Liquor licenses and building taverns . We don’t allow drive in beer sales stands like R&R on the Rosebud Sioux reservation – things our tribal councils do for us or we petition them to do, and certainly not on trust land. Years ago a consultant tried to tell our tribal council that our tribal restaurant would fail if we did not have alcohol sales at the restaurant as part of a planned tribal cultural complex and our tribal council said no, that they would not allow alcohol to be sold there, that the most important thing was the health and safety and welfare of our people. People I met on Pine Ridge warned me that when I complained our reservation was unsafe due to unsolved homicides that they had 200+ more unsolved homicides than we did and that the tribal council there threatened to bomb their houses if they didn;t vote for them in tribal elections. Due to theft of my grandmother’s corpse from her grave in 2005=-06 by a agroup of men who defiled her corpse by raping it pretending to be members of our tribal group of Cascade Chinooks, or my late grandfather as white guys, my grandmother’s death was added to the list of unsolved crimes by the Department of Justice as her corpse was tested to discover she had died from systemic poisoning by agricultural chemicals as what we knew was a homicide, after our cousin had been there to visti her and she mysteriously died the next day of what appeared to be a stroke. Tests revealed she had 10 times the amount of arsenic of persons exposed to smelter operations in Tacoma in her system when she died, after fighting with my aunts who wanted their inheritance from her early to pay their bills off and she said no. This is after our grandfather was murdered in the 60s and his death never investigated , by a group of men who attacked him when he was at home alone babysetting me, force her to sell out her cattle ranching operation and land and be homeless as a tribal member whose home was sold to a group of Catholic nonIndian neighbors of ours who coveted her land, to expand their nonIndian operations at our families expense, on our own reservation.
    Evidently my exhusband was taken out of prison early to participate in killing our father and member of our family by a group based with the Woods foundation in Chicago and their public policy initiative group which claim that persons arrested for or incarcerated for crimes are the victims of discrimination because they cannot get jobs afterwards due to their records. Their whole intent appears to be victim intimidation and extortion to get the assets of their victims given to them in revenge instead of paying damages for the damage done to their victims and making amends. My exhusband was told along with a group of men convicted of crimes that they would get back all the money they lost being incarcerated for domestic violence or sexual assault or drug traffcking or DUI by making it appear that their victims were the source of drugs trafficked to their area that made their other victims and themselves into drug addicts or alcholics instead of the cartels and breweries and organizations responsible for same. At that rate, the beer producers and alcohol sales will continue as the distributors will never be charged with a crime, even though there is a wealth of information and diagnostic criteria codes specific to the problems of alcohol intoxication and Alcohol Idiosyncratic intoxication syndrome by the mental health system that appear to be being ignored. I believe having a detox in Pine Ridge and inpatient treatment would help as well as not allowing intoxicated persons back onto the reservation without going to detox and stressing that it is a serious medical problem which cannot be solved by our religions alone but by good health care, and certainly not by lying.

    I saw a poster in Rapid City that I think could be added to that describes the situation we are in, that said , “when all the grass is gone and all the buffalo are gone and all the salmon are gone, then and only then will the people understand that you can’t eat money” The same applies to our families- they are as necessary for our emotional and spiritual support and guidance as the foods we eat, not someone to off like gangsters to get their assets to pay bills with that they would have used for their retirement or that they needed as the elders of our tribes. My cousin got $100,000 off of killing our grandmother from his mother who married a man from Chicago, so they did not learn respect for our elders growing up on our reservation but saw them like the bank someone to rob and get away with it as the dead could not tell what went on.

  2. Carol Olden Says:

    The sad part of this is that now we have training at our universities for people handling our artifacts so that they do not get exposed to agricultural chemicals that they may have come into contact with as though it were the fault of some farmer or pesticide applicator that our elders ended up dead instead of a homicide to get the victims property. My grandmother’s perpetrator is still as large participating in killing people who could have testified against them as key witnesses, like my late father, and all it is made to look like is an accident instead of premeditated homicide, as to how agricultural chemicals could have ended up in my grandmother”s refrigerator in the cucumber and sardine sandwich she died after eating for lunch. The Federal government is not on line with this either as it does not matter to them as they then tried to take our land in the closed area and burn down the buildings on it which had been there for years and claim getting rid of our tribal members was getting rid of terrorism and opening up the land for claim by people speaking Swahili and Spanish, none of which are aboriginal languages on our reservations, as part of persons claiming to have some problems with Federal treaties and rights designed to protect us as aboriginal people from this type of encroachment. A project my late father was conned into participating in that led to his murder by people on deferred prosecution was to help abate terrorism and malaria in Nigeria by building roads into places previously assessible only by boat was converted by the same group of felons to a project to bring the equipment back to the US and misuse it to build roads into our property in the closed area of the Yakama Indian Reservation claiming that would stop terrorism or use the equipment to clean up storm damage and drug dealing and manufacturing sites and make it appear we as outstanding members of our community were people to get rid of instead of organized crime. For the record I have a permanent protection order that is being violated by my former husband and his relatives from the Rosebud Sioux reservation to batter me that precludes him from being within a mile of my home so that he cannot show up with a gun to kill me, as he is a two time convicted felon who went to prison for shooting and killing an FBI informant he stated killed his brother during the Wounded Knee uprising in the 1970s for which he did Federal penitentiary time and I am in a program which is supposed to keep my home address confidential at the level of public records so that I do not get stalked back to home and killed. What happened? Our state has an enclave of Chechens here who were misled by a late Chinook Tribal elder Catherine Trough and a group of imposters as Caucasians that they could get US citizenship without application by killing members of our tribes and assuming our identities as chinooks.The Chechens are of course people striving for independence from Russia who don;t speak our languages and were exiled in the 1940s to Siberia and Kahzastan for siding with Hitler during WWII. Five weeks I had one break into my apartment posing as my son Kolden, who is an enrolled member of the Yakama Tribe after trying to break in with a knife and failing, who proceded to try to cut my tongue out of my mouth all the while quoting lines he learned by studying movie scripts of native americans so he could pretend to be like Tonto, claiming I was speaking with forked tongue, as he thought money being sent by me for my son;s support could be converted for him to use as a Chechen to live on. The person who let him into my apartment, the manager’s wife thought he was my son, so she let him into my apartment at 4:00 am while the police were arresting the rest of his buddies outside who were trying to break into the store next door to steal food and beer, even though they were here with nice clothes on and had enough money to buy their own homes, and she ended up having to take me to the hospital to repair my knife wounds ., so I am still recovering from that . So please back off of my family- we are not a bank to rob or a source of funding for every terrorist movement in the world, but your former inlaws. A medicine man once told me that people would kill us to get what we had only to find out later on they could get what they needed through their own people, they had just forgotten. So please remember that and do not abuse us. We are not your enemy , the alcohol and drug distributors are and the persons making you kill your own families for money instead of suing the people damaging you. Dis huys.

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