World-Herald editorial: Kudos to State Sens. LeRoy Louden and Russ Karpisek

Published Saturday March 27, 2010

Kudos to State Sens. LeRoy Louden and Russ Karpisek for their success in gaining support for funding, through two rounds of debate, to help address alcohol-related problems associated with Whiteclay, Neb. Several lawmakers, plus the General Affairs and Judiciary Committees, have shown commendable dedication to tackling this issue.

This issue is complex and difficult, and it makes great sense to try to address it with incremental steps. By no means are there any magical cure-alls, and lawmakers should refrain from overpromising.

As both supporters and skeptics have said, any long-term success ultimately will depend on the actions of the residents on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

But in light of the work that has been done by conscientious lawmakers and the prospects for a measure of progress, it would be irresponsible for the Legislature to do nothing. It’s time to move forward with practical, incremental action.


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